Archimedes Alternative Investment Advisors AG

Christof Schmidhuber

Christof Schmidhuber, Ph.D., CFA

Christof Schmidhuber founded Archimedes Alternative Investment Advisors AG in July 2008.

Before, he was a director at Credit Suisse. As the Head of Risk Management for hedge fund investments, he established teams of analysts in Zürich and New York. He and his teams were responsible for operational due diligence and market risk monitoring of several hundred managers. He served as a member with veto right in the investment committees.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse in 2004, Christof Schmidhuber was deputy head of the quantitative group at RMF Investment Products, where his responsibilities included hedge fund portfolio construction, strategic asset allocation, manager due diligence and leading research projects.

Before joining RMF in 2001, he was a physicist. He received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the California Institute of Technology for a thesis on superstring theory. Subsequently he worked as a Research Associate at Princeton University and at CERN (the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research in Geneva), and as a docent for Physics at the University of Berne. He has published top-cited articles in leading scientific journals.